Get Involved

Dear Citizen,  There is no #ThisFlag without you. To become a ‘Flag Bearer’ here are a few easy steps to follow: 1. Like the #ThisFlag Facebook Page. 2. Join the #ThisFlag Whatsapp Platform. Just send a WhatsApp text to +27 63 817 2232. 3. Volunteer.  One of the first and easiest ways to get involved is to plug into issues that are affecting your community and our nation at large. Get interested in what is really happening in our country.


  • Join Social Media Conversations. 
  • Read the News.  
  • Keep your eyes open.
  • Keep your ears open. 
  • Don’t ignore problems. 
  • Be present!


Secondly, in building the Zimbabwe we want, we need to be the watchdogs in our communities, to speak out and ask questions where we see corruption, injustice or poverty.


  • Speak to your friends
  • Ask questions of those around you
  • Comment on issues


Lastly, we need to act. Be it through writing letters to our MPs, getting involved in citizen activities or registering to vote, our actions will be the drivers of change. 


  • Formulating alternative policies
  • Providing solutions to community problems
  • Fostering civic engagement
  • Volunteering your skills and expertise


To get involved follow the calendar of activities. Spearhead activities in your community and plug into actions that shape our future. Feel free to send your suggestions to 


In Solidarity, 


Team #ThisFlag


Disclaimer: Every citizen of Zimbabwe who is fighting against corruption, injustice and poverty can lead community activities in support of #ThisFlag. Remember that #ThisFlag is a non-violent movement, that works in respect of the Constitution of Zimbabwe. All activities must be legal, nonviolent and in accordance with the 6 values. #ThisFlag Citizens’ Movement is not liable for citizens who act outside of the law or go against the values of the movement.  


Get involved, you know you want to.